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Complete Maps To Ourselves Journey || Parts 1 & 2 (6-week course)


Complete Maps To Ourselves Journey || Parts 1 & 2 (6-week course)


A clarity journey towards finding your core desired feelings, putting them at the center of your life and creating the alignment that you crave.

(($15 off when Parts 1 & 2 are purchased together)

Sign up anytime for a one-on-one journey, you as the map maker, me as the guide.

(A Live group version will also run in Fall 2019)
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This is a journey for those of us who really MUST be living a life that really FEELS like OURS.

It is SO important to me to be an active, aligned and intentional participant in the creation and curation of this life of mine.  To make choices and surround myself with the things, people and activities that support the way I crave to BE inside my life.  

There’s a slow, sneakily subtle dulling of the senses that can occur when we slip into default mode.  And it happens! Of course it happens.  Because we're human, and sometimes we need a moment to coast, or sometimes we downshift into auto-pilot without realizing it.  

But what matters is the awareness you can bring even to those moments, and the ways you learn to catch yourself and guide yourself out and back into sync with your life and desires again.

This course comes in two parts.  

The first, I like to call The Compass.  This is influenced by Danielle LaPorte's book The Desire Map, and it's the portion of the course where we reflect and examine the elements of our lives as they are now.  This is the path we take to uncover our core desired feelings, which will serve as our compass points.  Our lampposts, illuminating our most aligned choices as we go through our days.  Because we're already, however subconsciously, always making decisions based on how are hoping we'll feel on the other side of it.  Here we bring clarity and awareness to those desires.

The second half is called the Field Guide, because this is the part where we get tangible.  Now that we know how you most want to feel… we hunt for conduits of those feelings in our lives.  Those that are present already, those that gleam with possibility, and those that we know if we brought back INTO our lives, would kindle these core desired feelings MORE often.  Because this is the state that we most want to live in.  So we notice and we imagine, we take notes and we experiment.  The field guide is the practical collection of ways that you can reliably generate your core desired feelings in your life, when you’re so far away from them that you need direction, or when you’re already flying high and can’t wait to soar even more.

With these two thoroughly explored and developed aspects of your pack, you have aids for...

  • RE-ORIENTATION when you get lost or clarity seems a bit foggy, and you need to find your way back to your own center

  • REJUVINATION when you start to feel a bit run down or how somehow gotten unplugged from what truly feeds and energizes you

  • RE-VAMPING when the tried and true is just feeling off for some reason, and you need to clear the field for new possibilities to come through

  • EXPANDING and EXPLORING what you’re really capable of creating in your life… AND

  • For GROWING TRUST, in your own ability to listen to the parts of you that have KNOWN how to do this all along. Those whispering pieces that say “more please” or a firm “no” or even just peak with curiosity.

There’s a quote by Ram Dass that says, “We’re all just walking each other home”. And the truth is, we are all fully equipped with the inner knowing that draws us home all on our own.  And the other truth is, that we will forget this over and over, and that’s when we walk each other home, until we remember again.


In this course, you will receive: 
:: a daily email for the first two weeks (3x weekly for the remaining weeks) with stories, prompts and guidance
:: guided, downloadable audios for inspiration, visualizations and elaboration on written prompts (and for those who would rather listen on the go)
:: video Q&As
:: In one-on-one journey, you'll have the ability to respond to prompts and ask questions via email, as well as have "workshop-style" opportunities to work on prompts together live one-on-one
:: In the live group version, a private community Facebook group to gather, connect, share and witness the peaks and the valleys involved in committing to clarity about what's most important to you.

We'll cover:
:: what's working beautifully for you, and what areas hold struggle and longing for you.
:: how to use this information and gather more clarity to determine the core desired feelings (CDFs) that can serve as your compass points.
:: a fine-toothed-comb through your life to see where you're leaking energy
:: a variety of ways to build habits and actions to generate your CDFs
:: touchstones and reminders to support our CDF connection in an ongoing way
:: identifying where we get triggered back into default mode
:: experimenting with breadcrumbs and pathways to support our inevitable re-alignment, if we find ourselves off path.

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Sign up anytime for a one-on-one journey, you as the map maker, me as the guide.

(A Live group version will also run in Fall 2019) (($15 off when both courses - part 1 & 2 - are purchased together)

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LMT, certified Nutrition & Health Coach, & licensed Desire Map Facilitator