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Maps To Ourselves courses

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Maps To Ourselves || Part 1 || The Compass (2 week course)

opening May 2018

A beautiful two week deep dive and exploration into what actually makes our hearts skip a beat. We'll emerge from this course with your core desired feelings, and these will serve as your compass points.

Maps To Ourselves || Part 2 || The Field Guide (3 week course)

opening May 2018

Part 2 is for those who already have their core desired feelings. This is where we curate the lessons & truths we need to remember, and collect our tangible evidence of the type of life we want to be living, and the WAY we want to be living within it. We gather these things together to form our very own reference guide, the Field Guide, for the moments that we need them most.

Complete Maps To Ourselves Journey || Parts 1 & 2 (6-week course)

opening May 2018

A clarity journey towards finding your core desired feelings, putting them at the center of your life and creating the alignment that you crave.

(($15 off when Parts 1 & 2 are purchased together)

FREE 5 day mini course :: Beautiful Questions


December 17th - 21st, 2017

5 days :: 5 emails :: a single, simple, powerful question each day. A centering tool and a desire map influenced prep for the holiday season & new year.

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