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Maps To Ourselves || Part 2 || The Field Guide (3 week course)

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Maps To Ourselves || Part 2 || The Field Guide (3 week course)


opening May 2018

Part 2 is for those who already have their core desired feelings. This is where we curate the lessons & truths we need to remember, and collect our tangible evidence of the type of life we want to be living, and the WAY we want to be living within it. We gather these things together to form our very own reference guide, the Field Guide, for the moments that we need them most.

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opening May 2018
These 3 weeks is where we investigate WHAT to do with our core desired feelings once we have them. The tangibles on HOW to integrate them into our lives. Your specific CDFs into your unique life.  We’ll comb through the different areas of our life and collect the reminders, touchstones and tangible actions we can take and ways we can surround ourselves with those elements that will best support our most desired way of being.

This is also where we’ll start to notice the things that trigger our spiral into the opposite of how we really want to feel.  And experiment with our own pathways back in.  

Now that we know how you most want to feel… we hunt for conduits of those feelings in our lives.  Those that are present already, those that gleam with possibility, and those that we know if we brought back INTO our lives, would kindle these core desired feelings MORE often.  Because this is the state that we most want to live in.  So we notice and we imagine, we take notes and we experiment.  The field guide is your own, self-made, practical collection of ways that you can reliably generate your core desired feelings in your life, when you’re so far away from them that you need direction, or when you’re already flying high and can’t wait to soar even more.


In this course, you will receive: 
:: 3x weekly emails with stories, prompts and guidance
:: guided, downloadable audios for inspiration, visualizations and elaboration on written prompts (and for those who would rather listen on the go)
:: video Q&As
:: "workshop-style" opportunities to work on prompts together live one-on-one
:: a private community Facebook group to gather, connect, share, support and witness the peaks and the valleys involved in committing to clarity about what's most important to you.

We'll cover:
:: a fine-toothed-comb through your life to see where you're leaking energy
:: a variety of ways to build habits and actions to generate your core desired feelings (CDFs)
:: touchstones and reminders to support our CDF connection in an ongoing way
:: identifying where we get triggered back into default mode
:: experimenting with breadcrumbs and pathways to support our inevitable re-alignment, if we find ourselves off path.

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