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FREE 5 day mini :: Beautiful Questions (a desire map prep)

5 days :: 5 emails :: a single, simple, powerful question each day. A centering tool, a desire map influenced practice, and a beautiful way to pause & reset.

Consider your life right now, and what is really possible for you. Whether you are able to devote an hour each day to journaling and list making, or 5 minutes to center  ::quick-style::  and jot down some notes (reminders to self)?  Wherever you find yourself, TRUST that it will be enough, and know that awareness is key to any kind of change or depth of living.

I've come to believe that we spend a lot of our human lives in a continual process of remembering and forgetting. Remembering things we once knew (truths about ourselves, about life, and how to relate to one another), and then occasionally forgetting as we go through the day to day of keeping our lives rolling. The key is to remember again.

And so we'll start this guiding practice, this journey of mapping our way back to our own DESIRES and then forward through the rest of this year..

Because half of the beauty and power and magic of this work is making space for it. 

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LMT, certified Nutrition & Health Coach, & licensed Desire Map Facilitator