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Maps To Ourselves || Part 1 || The Compass (2 week course)

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Walk across the river.jpg

Maps To Ourselves || Part 1 || The Compass (2 week course)


opening May 2018

A beautiful two week deep dive and exploration into what actually makes our hearts skip a beat. We'll emerge from this course with your core desired feelings, and these will serve as your compass points.

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opening May 2018

This whole process is one of asking questions, list making, seeking patterns, and intentionally paring down to what feels most true... Then, living with those guides at the center of our lives.
That is our clarity road map. 

A lot of us have gone lifetimes being told from various sources that our feelings are not to be trusted. But the truth is, our feelings are clues that point us towards what we need to thrive.

To be clear, this is not a quick fix, nor a one time move, but a practice. A practice for a new way of being... Where YOU begin to screen your actions, your thoughts, your activities and purchases, big dreams and goals through the filter of... "Does this make me feel the way I MOST want to feel?"

But first, we want to get clear on that.


These two weeks will include:

:: a daily email with stories, prompts (reflection, written and action based) and guidance, 
:: guided, downloadable audios for inspiration, visualizations and elaboration on written prompts (and for those who would rather listen on the go)
:: video Q&As
"workshop-style" opportunities to work on prompts together live one-on-one
:: a private community Facebook group to gather, connect, share and witness the peaks and the valleys involved in committing to clarity about what's most important to you.

We'll cover:
:: what's working beautifully for you, and what areas hold struggle and longing for you.
:: how to use this information and gather more clarity to determine the core desired feelings (CDFs) that can serve as your compass points.
:: beginning steps & tools towards generating those feelings in your life in a more consistent way

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LMT, certified Nutrition & Health Coach, & licensed Desire Map Facilitator