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Inner Rebel

A poem on Resistance
& A Meditation for when your Inner Rebel is putting up a fight.

Don’t go too deep

You might not like what you find.

Don’t stop moving

You never know what you might leave behind.

Don’t stay here too long

The intoxication will leave you blind.

The depth, the pull, the calm 

That’s inherent in being where you have chosen to be

Will only fool you into thinking that there’s nothing left to fix

So run, move, keep the pace, don’t look back

For God’s sake don’t Pause.


Don’t check in, and don’t clear out the space you need to here the inner voice that sprouts from your own divine connection.

Because it will tell you that you are exactly where you need to be.

It will tell you exactly what the next step is.

And it will be so unique to you, that others may question it.

YOU may question it, because you’ve already absorbed so much well intentioned advice

that is currently controlling how you choose to spend your time, 

which things you bounce back and forth between,

why you find yourself unable to fully sink into the moment that you have with the experience that you crave


Because if you give yourself permission,

you just might discover that your life is actually yours to create, to unfold, to question and to live into your own answers, that may not have any corroboration with all that information and how-to’s you’ve spent years acquiring.

You just might discover that you have your own intrinsic and deep well of power and insight and inspiration that can only be tapped when you dig deep.

When you stay in your own lane.

When you block out the noise and set down the should's for a minute.

And get clear about where you feel you’re meant to be RIGHT NOW


The answer is always there.

Whether we choose to dismiss it, distrust it, or grasp hold of it like the treasure it is.

It’s always deep inside you waiting

for you to seek it out.

And if you don’t allow yourself to go too deep, 

you’ll find that harried, frazzled pace becomes your new normal.


The deep holds your respite.

And you can arrive there in an instant of willingness.

But don’t go too deep,


 you really want to feel what you’re capable of.

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Pause is the virtual stomping grounds of Elaine Watson

LMT, certified Nutrition & Health Coach, & licensed Desire Map Facilitator