to breathe... to align... to savor... to gather...

You’re strong, beautiful, competent and have built a gorgeous life for yourself.  You’re also juggling A LOT!

A lot of roles,

       a lot of plans and dreams,

             a lot of boxes to check on that    

                      ever evolving list.  

And I know how easy it is, to start taking short cuts in the care and keeping of your own SELF along the path to trying to do AS MUCH as you do every day.  

I want to help.  Lend a hand in a small but powerful way.  


(just for a moment)

I’m offering these free mini-sessions, which are my favorite bite-sized way to identify the simplest, most immediate actions you can take that will help you tame the overwhelm and get clear about what your mind and body need.  THAT is what will make everything in your life run more smoothly & feel more dreamy.

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What you’ll get (totally free):

- 45 minutes via Skype or phone to dish on the things that you’re loving most about your life as well as the things you know are holding you back.

- 2-3 simplest, but highest impact things you can do right now to get you closer to your goals (whether that’s more energy, more mental clarity, dropping those lingering pounds, taming the tummy bloat, or feeling less scattered throughout the day).

Pause is the virtual stomping grounds of Elaine Watson

LMT, certified Nutrition & Health Coach, & licensed Desire Map Facilitator