to breathe... to align... to savor... to gather...

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Set aside at least 20 minutes for this imaginary-intuition led journey.
(17 1/2 minutes for the audio, a few more to write any notes afterward)

If you're new to this type of visualization, know that there is no way to do it wrong.  Just relax, welcome both the familiar and the unexpected, and be a witness to the cinematic journey inside your mind's eye.  Allow yourself to trust that anything that comes to you, imagery or message-wise, is meant to be there.  Don't judge it, or even try to analyze it while you are in the meditation.  Just be present to it.

Always, Always, if you have any questions, comments or a desire to share, reach out to me! I'm here for you and I'd truly love to hear about your experience.  This is a favorite of mine.

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Meditation inspired by an exercise from the Coaches Training Institute

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LMT, certified Nutrition & Health Coach, & licensed Desire Map Facilitator