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Massage Services

Do you ever happen upon a spa or come across a massage therapist’s ad, and have that moment of, “Oh, that is exactly what I need right now!” Some space to unwind for a bit, to have the stress and the tension smoothed out and be able to move through your day with more ease…

But when? There’s always that little detail about working it into your schedule. Time moves so fast doesn’t it? Blink a couple of times and your day is coming to a close and you’re still vaguely aware that you’re rubbing at that one spot, trying to work the knots out yourself.

Instead of adding one more thing to your list of places to be, how would you like to pause effortlessly for a massage and then let the relaxation linger, already in the comfort of your own home? Or use a work break to really target some areas of muscle tension and be able to complete your day with more energy and less tension? No traffic, no searching for parking, no waiting in lobbies and no need to drive again so soon after that fantastic massage.

Let me help you get some of your time back, by bringing the massage to you.

30 minutes $59
60 minutes $119
90 minutes $169

3-60 minutes $300 (reg. $357)
3-90 minutes $450 (reg. $507)


To set up your massage, email Elaine at

NOTE: I recently relocated to Portland, OR from Santa Barbara, CA am still settling into this new city.  Drop me a line if you want to be updated when I begin offering bodywork services in Portland!

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The modalities I use include deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, barefoot massage, shiatsu and acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy. But most often I give massages that are a blend of some or all of these, depending on who I’m working with and what your particular needs or concerns are at that time. Visit this page to learn a little more about me, my massage style and my approach.

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