to breathe... to align... to savor... to gather...

Welcome, darlin. 

I love that you are here with me.

This space is here to be both a place that I love to be steeped in and one that draws you in, makes you pause and wraps you in recognition and delight.



Because in this crazy, gorgeous, fast-paced world that we live in, we can spin ourselves into a frenzy of events and meet ups and supposed to’s and why-didn’t-I’s...

and I believe that it is imperative that we remember a few things.



  • That we know in our bones how important it is to pause, discover what nourishment we need in any given moment, and take the steps to fill ourselves up.
  • That we can find courage when we recognize bits of ourselves in someone else’s story. 
  • That to delight in beauty, no matter how small, is one of the most powerful energizers that exists.
  • That we can and must build upon the inherent human need for community, but know that the most potent form of guidance we hold within our selves.


This space will evolve.  Right now it is as it is because writing lights me up, desires anchor & guide me, and food makes me swoon and is my fuel.


Officially, I am

a Licensed Massage Therapist,

a Certified Nutrition & Health Coach,

a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator,

and a creator & leader of online courses


these things are my medium, my toolkit… 


But really, 

I am a weaver of words, a mapper of desires & a lover of culinary & exploratory adventures. 

I am an endlessly curious person and I’m always seeking the courageous conversation.  I am most in my element when I burst into spontaneous song, and I can salsa dance until dawn or snuggle up with a blanket, book and a warm cuppa something delicious.  My most favorite place is the space between you and me that feels like understanding and connection.


I am California grown, Portland transplant, wife & mama of two playful & inquisitive boys.


Who are you these days?

Pause is the virtual stomping grounds of Elaine Watson

LMT, certified Nutrition & Health Coach, & licensed Desire Map Facilitator