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Welcome, May Magick loves!

Thank you for visiting me here!
I’ve been enjoying this month with you all so very much! To be both a contributor and a participant has truly added an extra dose of magic and intention to this month for me.

We need these things ritualized sometimes, don’t we, for those seasons that feel a little more full or a little more scattered. The times when it’s easier to let the pre-set pace of life carry us along with it, rather than remembering how much we actually get to participate in the rhythm and the curve of our own lives.

In honor of my day’s prompt, and the name I’ve dubbed the whole body of my work since it’s begun and as it evolves. I invite you here to…


(just for a moment)

One of these freebies may be just what you need.
Sometimes we need a little nudge in order to start building up our Pause muscle in our daily life. (And, you know, reap the clarity, alignment, integrative, nervous system regulation and I’m-on-my-own-team feels and benefits that this habit can foster ❤️). This is what I love to do the most.

Freebie #1 was born from a poem I wrote at a time that I was resisting any kind of Pause myself. A little guided meditation that starts out appealing to the rebel in you, and slowly cajoles you into your own Pause.

Freebie #2 is a 30 minute, no strings attached, conversational opportunity to get curious about the guidance that is inherent in you. If you want to explore and get to know the particular and unique ways that your body and intuition communicate with you, and what, if anything, may be jamming up your nervous system and blocking their signal… this is for you.


Freebie #1: 10-Min Meditation for when you’re resisting the Pause

For those moments of resistance. When Pausing seems impossible, inefficient, or just plain intolerable.


Freebie #2: 30-min Pause Session
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a no strings attached, curious coaching conversation. To give your intuition and your body a chance to speak up. And to give us a chance to identify whether your nervous system is jamming up somewhere along the process, and tend to any mis-wired fight or flight responses that may be interfering with your ability to trust or hear that inner guidance clearly..


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LMT, certified Nutrition & Health Coach, & licensed Desire Map Facilitator