to breathe... to align... to savor... to gather...

The truth is, there's very little we're meant to do alone in this world.

It’s been a while now, that I moved from doing Massage into Nutrition Coaching. And I’m always amazed at the beautiful conversations and honesty and shifts that come from this work.

A couple things reappear over and over...

How easy it is to get caught up in the day to day hustle and start running on auto-pilot (survival mode almost!), rather than making intentional choices about how we care for ourselves.


How often we believe that our willpower alone should carry us through.  And in reality, how exhausting that can be.  

The truth is that there’s very little we’re meant to do alone in this world.  As human beings, we need each other.  We have a deep, core need for community, for support, to help where we can and receive a little guidance where we struggle.

There’s so much we think we need to struggle through alone.  But I’m struck on nearly a daily basis, how much more ease, solace & exponential progress occurs when we reach out.  When we have someone (or a circle of someones) we trust to listen, notice patterns, and help guide us towards the tools and (often so simple) shifts that will make real change in the areas that cause us stress.

I’m incredibly lucky to be able to hold that space for some amazing women (and a handful of men) that have the courage and commitment to build that strong, health and self-care foundation.  It becomes the basis for so much more ease, energy and ability to ENJOY every other aspect of life.

Pause is the virtual stomping grounds of Elaine Watson

LMT, certified Nutrition & Health Coach, & licensed Desire Map Facilitator